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Individuals across the U.S. choose us because of our extensive experience in the automotive industry in combination with using the best products on the market. We have many years of experience in automotive aftermarket, maintenance, performance, insurance, collision, refinishing, detailing, and consignment. Our owner and operator, Josh Cosco, grew up closely with his grandfather who restored classic corvettes and worked directly with USAA. being around classics, restorations, and complete builds from the ground up, Josh was able to achieve and unprecedented amount of knowledge in the automotive field at a very early age. Working in all fields of the automotive industry has given him a real respect for cars as well as helped him to understand what clients are looking for when they come to him for service!

We strive to provide a service that is bespoke and unmatched in many aspects.

  • As a highline detail company, our goal is to enhance, restore, clean, protect, and maintain your vehicle. We strive to always offer the best products on the market by continually testing newly found products.

  • Quality control is very important to use. Many of the products we use are made by hand and made to order to ensure that the quality is as precise as possible. These brands we use have the same vision in mind of quality over quantity. 

  • We continually research methods of service to be sure that what we offer is the best possible solution for our clients.